Sunday, May 27, 2012

final exam season

done with one paper. EAW.
4 papers left.
next paper which is the killer subject. Advance Analysis.

since i just look in to my blog,
there is no post for this month.

this month i have no chance to update my new entry.
busy with all sorts of assignments and presentation.
computational math, EAW, Operational Research...and so on.
and now, final exam is coming.

alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah....
my timetable for final exam does not pack as my other friends.
even i'm taking 5 subjects for this semester, hard effort must be accompanied by.

"man jadda wa jada, man zara'a hasada"

insya Allah my final exam will be last on 7th Jun 2012.

dear my friends,followers and my blog readers,
please pray for my success.
insya Allah, I'll pray for you guys... :)