Tuesday, October 9, 2012


While looking for a title of the new post, just a little bit sharing during tazkirah session at the beginning of our meeting yesterday.

There are lots of differences between us, in Malaysia and those, in Gaza.

Since I just finished reading a book entitled "Naskhah Cinta Buat Nusaibah" by Ustaz Ridhuan Mohd Nor, it is a chance for me to share my knowledge.

"ballighu 'anni wallaww aayah"

A catchy title of the book grasps readers’ attention. Actually, this book does not about love that people eager want to know about, but it is the love to become freedom from offensive.

While people in Malaysia were keep thinking of “where we want to eat?” during Ramadhan, people in Gaza were keep thinking of “What we want to eat?”.

Did we care what kind of food people in Gaza eat but we in Malaysia always put an effort to break-fasting at exclusive hotel with high costly special menu.

Even though people in Gaza poor with wealth, but they are prosperous with knowledge. There are very knowledgeable people because process of learning always occurred at every edge of the world in Gaza. The mothers teach their children and the teachers teach their students even under tight condition.

The author of the book was asked a question to one of the children in Gaza, “why you should study hard?” Then, that child answered, “I want to fight with the intelligent Muslims’ enemies”

See... how eager they are in seeking knowledge.

But we in Malaysia always take for granted in seeking knowledge. During our childhood, our parents always keep lecturing their children to study hard.

For what purpose??? Of course to hunt the best job in the future. That’s why we have to study hard in order to obtain the highest cgpa. After get a good job, we will have a good salary and we enable to have exclusive cars and house.

These are how materials have governed the human-being. Materials control men not men control materials. This is what happened in ourselves nowadays.

In administration aspect, since HAMAS are leading Gaza, Israel always take many efforts to ruin this government. Because of that, the prime minister’s schedule must be secret to avoid Israel’s attack.  

So, the army always be with Ismail Haniyyeh (Prime Minister of Palestine) wherever he goes to protect himself from any offensives.

The military system in Palestine does not like the military system in Malaysia and other democratic countries. The army should have spiritual strength and physical strength as well. They never left their fasting in Monday and Thursday.

See...how they practise Islam in any fields. Islam is syumul and flexible. I always pray for “freedom will come Palestine!” . Insha Allah.

These differences always make me think of my life. Am I strong to undergo this life better? This book always makes me think of the hardship in our life in order to obtain mardhotillah.

If we think that we are in difficulties, but there are a thousand people outside there who are suffering and fighting their life for ummah.

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