Saturday, October 22, 2011

all-in-one entry already updated!

It has been 4 months this blog does not keep updating.
time moves very fast until we are hunting the time.
24 hours that has been given by Allah is still not enough.
we are running of time!

Because 2day is my 1st weekend that i really feel free from all sorts of things, sy berkesempatan utk ber'blogwalking'. saya terlihat status link blog sy di blog kwn saya. wah...mmg pecah rekod! terkejut apabila terbaca status "4 months ago".

What happened at the beginning of new semester?
Since we was in Syawal on the new semester commencement, it was too many open houses and invitations to raya gathering from iium admin, friends, and even raya gathering with Sultan Pahang at IIUM Kuantan... 

this is the 1st time i attended fully protocol event and a chance to shake a hand with sultan pahang's permaisuri

I heard that Sultan Pahang said, "masjid tu kenapa x siap lagi???" to the respected campus director.

this semester is quite challenge for me, facing so many big events to be conducted and also other commitments. i just finished MC LEAD programme last weekend at Fraser Hill. Such an informative experience to rip off even we have many difficulties to reach there.

at 3.30a.m. at the bus stop with "nyalakan anjing di tepi jalan" yg sungguh menyeramkan...time ni rasa nk balik kuantan je even dh smpi green"wich".mcm2 halangan.trip IIUM KUANTAN-TERMINAL MAKMUR-IIUM GOMBAK-FRASER HILL-IIUM GOMBAK-TERMINAL MAKMUR-IIUM KUANTAN. it maybe the last visit to iium gombak. :(

before telematch began

with treasure hunt's group members

with roomates at fraser hill

during tele-match. strategy...strategy...!

and, two weeks ago, we had educational trip to IIUM Gombak for visiting Mahallah Sumayyah in conjunction with 27th IIUM CONVOCATION.
I also just dropped by the IIUM kuantan nursing student's booth for medical check up and it showed me a surprised result for the 1st time when it finished. My blood pressure almost fell in low level.huhu.

This is the 2nd last visit to iium gombak

Frankly speaking, every weekend starting from the commencement of new semester,there was a non-stop programme to be attended even my assignment was waiting me to be done.
In addition, i got new lecturers who are committed and dedicated lecturers in giving us too many assignments every end of the class session.
it does not include yet quizzes.Every 2 or 3 sub topics we will have a quiz.

last 2 days which a day before my mom's birthday,i got a phone call from my mom, "npe lama x call?"
i feel sooo guilty with that question.
i'm trying to reach my mom's phone just for wishing her birthday but this morning i got notification "message sending failed".
oh my God...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, mama...!Even i know she never reads this entry...

yesterday, i noticed that 1 issue was on the rail. what was happened in IIUM?
until my younger brother asked me, "Kak We x g demo ke?"
i was so surprised when my younger brother asking me like that in a sudden.
i said,"demo ape plak?"

"demo Profesor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari",my younger brother answered.
eventually i answered, "mana ade demo kt cni...kt gombak je."

and during that time i was reading an article about AZIZBARISME.
it seems like terrible issue in IIUM Gombak.
in Kuantan Campus's situation it seems like nothing happen unless if u are facebooking people u will know that issue deeply without facing the real world.

rse mcm jd famous plak as IIUM student...
yes, i'm proud to be IIUM student!

please treat this issue non-politically.
"azizbarisme sudah melanda"

until to that extend:
siswa berdemo desak tarik balik gantung tugas aziz bari

what is our duty right now!!!
just wait and see???
just to be a waiter?
jadi waitress pn ok gak...dpt gaji..
to be a "silent STAR"?

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