Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Malaysian always do not read!

That day, I decided to go to library and stayed in the library from morning until the library closed since my mid term exam will be on monday for HRM subject.

Library is my favourite place where Sarah and I hanging around. We discovered the whole book in the library (really?? No, no, no… you are a liar at all). We always had a light reading at leisure area during our free time. The first thing that we hurried to is…… newspaper! As long as we were reading, no one can disturb us unless the alluring sound of azan from the mosque!

Now i'm in a gombak campus library not kuantan campus library,k...

Do you know how this library looks like?

It is the fantastic library that i ever gone after the national library. This huge library consist of four levels with the main entrance is at level two. The sliding door will open for you automatically when your feet start stepping. Those who want to enter this library must swap their matric card first. Then, there is a lift at your right hand and you will see at the middle, various kind of holy quran translation from all over the world exhibit there.

masha allah.... it is very sophisticated and classy!

i'm proud to be an IIUM student with the fantastic and extraordinary library.

I'm decided to stay at level 2.

The clock on the wall showed that now is already 9.00am. so... without further delay, i started my work. i detemined that, i've to finish my work for 1 chapter until 12pm before having my lunch.

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, i've done it!

3 hours in the library will frozen up my body. My hands and my legs started shivering and shaking because air-conditioned is too cool.

3 hours in the library also can do many things because you can bring anything you want like your knapsack, your beverage and anything else inside the library. No need to put in the lugage rack and no one can give you summon.

Seriously talking....
Unlike in Kuantan campus, no one can do like that bcz it is a must for us to put our belongings inside the lugage rack. So...everytime i go inside the library, you can see me, carrying my lappy, books and files, while my hands full with valueable things until i have to do second trip of carrying my belongings. huh!

What I had been observed was, it was too hard to find Malaysian in the library.

I'm started talking to myself.

Why foreigner always be in the library rather than malaysian??? Why it is happened???why and why??

How about you my dearest friends??? From your logical thinking, what's your opinion?

Even we are an INTERNATIONAL Islamic UniversityMalaysia, but Malaysian student is still be the gigantic ethnic in this IIUM. Does it make a sense?

What i can say here is Malaysian explicitly Muslim who is Malay are sluggish in reading. Obsolutely!

Do you want to know???

Based on the article that I has been read before, statistically was proven that Malaysians are only read 2 books per year!

I repeat again, 2 books per year only!! Not per day or per week, my friends…

The highest country was dominated by Japan which is 40 books per year. Then, it followed by Europe which is 10 books per year and Arab which is 20 sheets per year respectively.

It also was being proven by me myself too with my own steadfast eyes in that library where the foreigner is obvious being seen even the greater population in this university is Malaysians.

Masha Allah…

And another incident happened when I was on my way to Melaka. I decided to use LRT from putra terminal station to central market station. Putra terminal station is the first station therefore I had a chance to sit since LRT is not be crowded with passengers.

There was a young lady seems like a student with a bag on her tights sat on a seat in front of me. Her ears are being closed by earphone look like as to keep away from disruptiveness. She did not realize that she was being seen from the bottom until the top of hers.

I really, really, humiliated when I saw her hands was handling a book. I kept trying to see what book she had been read and my mind reflected that she was an accounting student because based on a title of that book written.

Oh my god… I disregarded to bring along my reading material on my way.

This incident had given a good impact to me in order to have changes in our tradition from unread people to be a read people.


From that incident, we as a muslim did not practiced what islam had told to us. Did you remember, the first verse that was revealed to us is “iqra’”? Allah has mentioned this word two times in this chapter (Al-‘Alaq). It was truly verified that islam had been introduced with reading and the way how prophet got this verse itself was by reading also!

A person that I was just talked about was not a muslim but she was a Chinese.

Yes, she was a Chinese, my friend…

Masha allah…

How about you?

How many books that you have been read along this year?

Numerous? Countless? Immeasurable? Or does it take an opposite side? A little? Or does it can be counted by your rigid fingers? Or are you not read at all along this year???


So…from now and onward try to make a promise to your own self to keep reading everywhere, every time and any situation. Please make your reading material always be with you all the time and make it available in your stock!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'll be missed this place so much!

In a very hushed Thursday night (it’s already Friday morning), my eyes couldn’t close. The clock on my table indicates that now is almost 3.30 a.m.(minus 15 minutes.).

I don’t know why it could be like this. It’s already too late but I couldn’t feel asleep.

All are being done; packing, washing, reading and bla..bla..

Ha…! My bulb is lighting!

My blog has not being updated yet since I’ve to focus on my examination preparation.

I open up my laptop immediately and make it connecting to the internet.


Don’t know how to say of my feeling right now...

I’m becoming all in the feelings. Gloomy, joyful, happy, sadness, lonely…bla…bla…bla…

All my roommates already back to their hometown. It only one person left in this room that is me… It’s so quiet since the rooms of the entire my level are empty.

Can you imagine, stays alone in my room with the entire rooms of level 1 are empty during Friday night and walking to the toilet in darkness because the lamp’s corridor outside of my room is blackout???

So scary… he2…
never mind, it’s doesn’t make me terrifying, frightening and worrisome because it is frequently happened to me. Allah is the only one who can protect and preserve myself.

Today is my last day to be here since my short sem has came to the end in this Gombak campus. Insha Allah, I’ll go back to my hometown this afternoon for one day stopover only. Then, I’ve to go back to kuantan campus on Sunday for my V.O.K. (Village Of Knowledge) event. Kuantan campus is my real life and my origin place that I’ve to carry on for 3 years remained.

Time is running too fast. It seems just like yesterday I came to this campus that I’m really to be.

I know, one day, I’ll be really, really missed this place when return back to Kuantan campus. This gombak’s garden of knowledge and virtue is really robust my passion.

I also being missed that beautiful azan from Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque and the massive library that every day I go to which are the best port for us, sarah carrot and me hanging around.

And I’ll also really, really missed all my best friends who are stayed here and make my life in here full of meaning, cheerful and wonderful.

Andak; who is always be my tourist guider whenever I’m losing my way in a sudden in this campus area. Sorry for being disturbed you all the time. It maybe the wrong time I made a call only to ask you the simple instruction to go wherever.

Sarah Carrot (sorry for mentioning your name like this.he2~); thanks for everything especially for your unpredictable help on that day. I’m really, really appreciate it and that will be in my mind! You always be with me all the time (cafĂ©-mosque-library).

Kak Nad; My oldest sister in gen-7 (I think so) who is the nearest to me. Always go together with me in many events that we participated here. She is very committed sister and always inspired me to go any event!

Che Ma and Ayuni; my ex-roommates in CFS, thank for our lunch that day. See you all next time. Don’t hesitate to visit us (nadia and me) in kuantan. Hehe~

Aishah talib; who is my junior, thanks for guiding me when I’m on my way to Melaka. Thanks a lot! if not you, i don't know who else can guide me to melaka.

Sufi; hope you can undergo into a new life as husband and wife in happiness. (Even I know you might not read this entry)

Others; ateh, adila, sal, k.mas and whose name do not mention above. Sorry, it’s too many my closed friends that i've been met during short sem. Whoever and wherever you are, I’m always be your friends until hereafter, my friends…

Let's together strengthen our ukhuwwah!

May Allah bless all of you, guys. Ameen..

our memories...

during presentation

at this time, technical problem was happened and our presentation was spoiled

air pancut yg men"spoil"kn scenery

ramizah and me

three of us: syakila(standing behind), me and ramizah

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alhamdulillah...Praise to Allah

today, i've finished up all my presentations for this shrt sem.
alhamdulillah...praise to Allah.
i'm able to complete all my tasks for presentations satisfactory.

you have another two assignments which are not submitted yet, hawa...
i'm in progress struggling to complete all my assignments.

mission does not stop here!
you have long journey to go!
keep up your efforts, hawa!

i have a long journey to go, my friends...
so, i want to make a promise to myself.
i must be always in the library or in the mosque from now and onwards.
it is better for me.
otherwise, i'll be in my room all the time.
oh no... i can't!
it will make myself like in a prison!

i go to the library right after my IB's class.
it seems like many students since our final exam is around the corner.
i'll try to find a comfortable position to do my assignment since i bring along my laptop.
i've to find out the table near to the socket.

while doing my assignment, i see outside the window.
it is rainy.
Allah give us "rizk" today that is rain.

sometimes, i heard my friends said,
"ala...hujan la"

and another friend said,
"ala...susah la cm ni..."

they seem like angry to Allah because of the rain fall.
do you know who make this rain and who fall this rain?
the answer is Allah!
asraghfirullah al-azim...

suddenly,my laptop display this nasyid:

terima kasih wahai tuhanku
yg sentiasa melimpahkan rahmatnya
membenarkan aku
menghadapmu tuhan
yg maha pengasih dan maha penyayang.
utk bercakap dgn mu tuhan
mengizinkan kuminta padamu
memuja memuji
sepenuh hatiku
memohon munajat
padamu ya rabbi

masya allah...
this song make my heart touching, tetchy, emotive and tender.

human always unsatisfactory and feel not enough what do they have had.
but they didn't realize that all things they had got are from Allah.
everything under the sun are Allah's properties!

The rich man who have a lots of money are trying to get more money continously.
no matter the way they got it, they must get it!
whether it is 'halal' or not.
rich, who doesn't want to be rich???
money come first before everything.
they fight for money and money is their aim. about the poor man???
there are many people around us who are unlucky.
did you care them my friends?

In UIA itself, you can see...
did you saw people who do very hard work and how do they work?
from the sun rise until the dusk, they work hard to get 'halal' money.

"O ye people! Eat of what is on earth, Lawful and good; and do not folow the footsteps of the evil one, for he is to you an avowed enemy."
(al-baqarah: 168)


yesterday, i went to the cafe for my dinner with my sarawakian friend.
We have our dinner at HS cafe.
I saw a cleaner walked towards the table nearby us.
she collected all the unclean plates and cups on that table.

i feel so pity to her...
you know why?
because she is an old woman aged around 50 and above!
masha allah...
She still can work even her face look like exhausted, drained and weary!

Allah give her oomph, an energy and liveliness to do her job even i saw she was not fully well.
i'm talking to myself,
"grandma, by this time you should stay at home. Your age couldn't survive for a long time. You have to have your rest time at this stage at home."

Didn't you realize my friends??
even our soul and body is Allah's right???

why people over there do not feel grateful to Allah in every second?
didn't they know?

We always in comfortable,wealthy and properous position.
we didn't feel enough with the BMW that we have.
we didn't feel enough with the MERCEDES BENZ that we have.
we didn't feel enough with the fancy dress that we have.
we didn't feel enough with stylish and classy handphone that we have.

Ya Allah...
we, your servant always feel ungrateful to you...
forgive us Ya Allah Ya rahman, ya rahim..

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Jumaat, Jun 4, 2010

ChargĂ© d’Affaires
Kedutaan Amerika,
Mr. Robert G. Rapson
MAKA persaksikanlah pada hari ini, dengan perhimpunan rasaksa rakyat Malaysia di hadapan pagar Kedutaan kamu yang berkunci, bahawa inilah harinya kami mengisytiharkan yang kami tidak akan lagi bertolak ansur dengan kerajaan kamu yang mendokong, melindungi dan memanjakan negara jahanam Israel.
Kami amat terkejut dengan sikap pipi tak mancung hidung tersorong-sorong kerajaan kamu hingga ke tahap memalukan Presiden kamu sendiri dalam “lintas langsung” siaran televisyen berbayar bilamana binatang bernama Netanyahu memarahi, membuat muka serta memalingkan diri bilamana Tuan Obama mengesyorkan perbincangan mengenai mandian berdarah oleh Israel di atas kapal “MV Mavi Marmara” di Lautan Mediterranean. Rakyat kamu memilih Obama untuk memimpin Amerika dan sekarang Israel telah memalukan kamu bagaikan anjing yang terselit ekor di kedua-dua celah kakinya.
Apa yang bermain di kepala mu, Amerika? Yakni kamu – kononnya suatu Kuasa Besar – jadi pengecut dengan bayi kamu bernama Israel, yang kini mengigit tangan kamu dan menunjukkan taringnya?
Kami, rakyat Malaysia demokratik yang sering berdiri menegakkan idealisme sebuah masyarakat yang bebas, tidak dapat menahan diri melainkan ketawa kerana kebodohan dan ketidaktentuan Amerika. Kamu tidak lagi menjadi model dunia merdeka sepertimana yang kamu mahu kami percayai.
Respon kamu yang seolah-olah dibius mengenai pembunuhan membuta-tuli orang awam – 19 orang di mana Israel cuba kurangkan dengan 10 kematian setelah membuang tubuh-tubuh sebahagiannya masih bernyawa ke dalam Lautan Mediterranean – daripada atas kapal “MV Mavi Marmara” pada 31 Mei telah menandakan bahawa hari pembalasan telah tiba untuk Amerika dan masyarakatnya yang terkeliru, sebagai sebuah negara yang besar dan pernah disegani kini jatuh melutut kerana kesilapan dirinya sendiri – yakni penciptaan rasaksa gila dan rakus bernama Israel.
Kami, warga Malaysia pelbagai agama dan bangsa hari ini berdiri dalam solidariti bagi mendeklarasikan di depan kamu bahawa kami sekali-kali TIDAK PERNAH dan TIDAK AKAN membiarkan tragedi malang di lautan lepas oleh lanun oleh Israel itu berlalu saja tanpa balasan. Ingat kata-kata ini!
Kami akan pertanggungjawabkan kamu kerana Amerika adalah penyokong dan tukang dana No. 1 untuk Israel. Kamu memalukan diri sendiri dengan bersekongkol dengan negara berisi pengganas ini dan kami tahu kamu akan kecundang akibatnya. Masyarakat sampahan bernama Israel ini membawa malu kepada ketamadunan abad ini dan tindakan sembrononya terhadap 600 penumpang kapal relawan kemanusiaan daripada lebih 50 buah negara pada Mei 31, 2010; menembak sesuka hati dengan peluru hidup, menembak dari jauh, menembak jarak dekat, menggunakan kekerasan dengan menendang, memukul dan memijak mereka, sebenarnya itulah apa yang tentera KAMU mengajar untuk diperlakukan ke atas rakyat Palestin, Iraq, Pakistan, Filipina, Thailand dan Afghanistan.
Sekarang kamu tidak teragak-agak melakukan perkara yang sama ke atas misi kemanusiaan daripada 50 buah negara, ramai di antara mereka adalah sekutu kepada kulit putih Amerika sendiri , kerana kebelakangan ini kamu sudah buta warna dek penangan Israel. Dan ini adalah kesilapan terbesar kamu!
Kini mereka ini memusuhi kamu.
Pegang janji kami – bahawa kami rakyat Malaysia akan tetap bertahan dan terus lawan dan lawan beriringan dengan semua masyarakat bertamadun sedunia sehinggalah rakyat Palestin memperolehi kembali tanahair mereka dan Israel dimusnahkan. Pada ketika itu Amerika akan kepupusan kehormatan, maruah dan sumber yang mengakibatkan kamu menyertai Israel yang ganas itu serta pendokongnya yang juga semakin pupus. Dunia kini tersedar besarnya kesilapan Amerika dengan mendokong biawak hidup Israel sepanjang beberapa dekad, dan kini dunia sedang menentang kamu, Amerika.

Kami, selaku gagasan masyarakat bertamadun mewakili suarahati rakyat Malaysia pada hari ini:

~ Menyangkal keujudan negara teroris bernama Israel

~ Membantah sokongan Amerika kepada Israel dalam semua bentuk

~ Membantah serangan ganas ketenteraan ke atas orang awam di atas kapal “MV Mavi Marmara”

~ Menuntun diadakan penyiasatan menyeluruh dan timbangtara terhadap kematian dan penghospitalan mangsa relawan kemanusiaan

~ Memastikan setiap penumpang kapal dapat dikenalpasti status mereka kini

~ Memulangkan mereka samada hidup ataupun mati kepada waris masing-masing

~ Siasat penculikan oleh Israel terhadap penumpang-penumpang tertentu dari atas kapal dengan tujuan interogasi dan penyiksaan

~ Mempertanggungjawabkan sepenuhnya kerajaan Israeli ke atas kehilangan nyawa, kargo yang dirampas, barang pemilikan peribadi para relawan, serta imbuhan kewangan kepada semua relawan dan mereka yang terbunuh oleh tentera Israel

~ Tegaskan pemulangan semula dengan kadar segera semua kapal dan bantuan yang disasarkan ke Gaza

~ Meminta Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu untuk menjalankan siasatan teliti bagaimana Israel dibenarkan melanggar undang-undang sedangkan flotilla berkenaan menepati kesemua perundangan maritim dan memenuhi sepenuhnya Resolusi 1860 PBB (2009), yang termasuk:

a) merayu kepada masyarakat antarabangsa untuk membekalkan bantuan kemanusiaan ke Gaza termasuklah makanan, bahan bakar dan bantuan perubatan

b) mempermudahkan proses dan penghantaran bantuan

c) seruan agar mendapatkan sokongan untuk melenyapkan kesengsaraan kemanusiaan dan kelemahan ekonomi di Gaza

Kami mahu agar pengistiharan ini disampaikan secara peribadi ke meja Tuan Barrack Obama agar dia tahu bahawa orang Palestin sudah memenangi kawan-kawan baru dari SELURUH PELUSUK DUNIA sejak peristiwa “MV Mavi Marmara”. Beritahu Presiden kamu bahawa kami warga Malaysia berserta negara-negara bermaruah seluruh dunia akan terus menganjurkan dan mendana flotila-flotila berikutnya biar apa pun yang akan terjadi.

Ini kerana kami tidak sembunyikan ekor di celah kelangkang kami seperti kamu bila berdepan dengan Israel.

Zulkifli Mohd Nani
Crisis Management Team
for Life Line For Gaza, Malaysia















by: 786

First thing, the occupation started
Palestine, was left broken hearted
Hands down, you won’t believe the way they laid their wrath on her
Six feet, under is where they left us
So bad, the way that they were killing us
Too bad we’re not afraid to die
When bombs fall from the sky
Can’t explain
I never thought that we were gonna lose so bad
They’re all insane
There’s got to be a way

How can we get back on track
Now tell me how it’s gonna be done
Will we win or lose this one?
(don’t care about the fact)
Cuz they are in the lead
They say we all should be scared
Palestine will never be theirs

Next thing, they’re taking all our houses
Palestine, red from all the corpses
Tough luck, they had to have the guns when all we have are rocks
All day, they’re killing little babies
So we’re, defending our families
they said that we were out if line
who’s wrong, who’s right this time

can’t explain
I never thought that we were gonna lose so bad
They’re all insane
There’s got to be a way

How can we get back on track
Now tell me how it’s gonna be done
Will we win or lose this one?
(don’t care about the fact)
Cuz they are in the lead
They say we all should be scared
Palestine will never be theirs

Palestine, They need to get out
Don’t care about the fact it’s all that
Islam, has blown out the doubt
There’s no way for us to stop

Allah, stop all the screaming
Allah, restore the one true dream
Palestine, it has to be the one to see
Islam will shine
No matter what they try to say
There’s got to be a way

How can we get back on track
Now tell me how it’s gonna be done
Will we win or lose this one?
(don’t care about the fact)
Cuz they are in the lead
They say we all should be scared
Palestine will never be theirs

Friday, June 4, 2010

Apa alasan Israel laktullah menyerang kapal konvoi ????

Alasan utama mereka ialah kapal mavi marmara ditahan kerana ia memasuki kawasan perairan mereka, kata warga algeria yg sempat bertanya kepada anggota komando. Media barat pula mendakwa kapal mavi marmara memulakan serangan ke atas tentera Israel.
~ tak betol...tak betol...bohongan semata-mata. Israel yg mnyerang dulu kapal konvoi semasa kapal konvoi berada jauh dari perairan mereka! kapal konvoi berada lebih kurang 65 kilometer dari persisiran Gaza, di mana tentera Israel tiada langsung hak kedaulatan untuk menyerang konvoi kapal tersebut. Biadap btol!!! pastu kapal mavi baru la ditunda oleh Israel sampai ke Haifa, Israel slps diserang. Spe serang spe ni???

Pihak Israel juga mendakwa bahawa konvoi mereka mempunyai niat jahat kerana terdapat bahan senjata di atas kapal dan longgokan duit.
~ takkan la. ada otak pikir la sendiri!! xkan x nmpk ape ade kt ats kapal tu??? Ade 10,000 tan barangan bantuan dan langsung tak bawa senjata...kte buat misi kemanusiaan..bukan nk bunuh org!!!buta ke???bohongan yg melampau-lampau!

Semua objektif dan pergerakan konvoi ini adalah berpandukan kepada Resolusi 1860 (2009) yang ditetapkan oleh Majlis Keselamatan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu dan undang-undang maritim lain yang berkaitan. Antara lain, Resolusi 1860 menyebut:

a) menyeru kepada penghantaran bantuan kemanusiaan kepada Gaza termasuk makanan, minyak dan kemudahan perubatan,

b) menggalakkan usaha-usaha membuka laluan dan mekanisma lain bagi tujuan menyampaikan bantuan kemanusiaan yang berterusan,

c) menyeru semua negara untuk menyokong usaha-usaha di peringkat antarabangsa bagi memperbaiki keadaan kemanusiaan dan ekonomi di Gaza, dan

d) mengecam semua bentuk keganasan dan serangan terhadap masyarakat awam dan semua bentuk terorisma.

Semua rakyat Malaysia yang terlibat di dalam konvoi ini berpegang teguh kepada peraturan dan undang-undang antarabangsa dan pekerti mulia sesuai dengan aspirasi negara Malaysia.

AS, sekutu Israel, menentang resolusi apabila resolusi Majlis Hak Asasi Manusia PBB meluluskan resolusi bagi melakukan penyiasatan pada peringkat antarabangsa berhubung serangan Israel terhadap konvoi bantuan ke Gaza. Alasan mereka ialah negara Yahudi terbabit seharusnya diberikan peluang menyiasat sendiri kejadian itu.
~ unlogicable!!! xyah nk siasat dh...dh terang dan nyata dyorg ni mmg x berhati perut!! satu dunia ni dh tahu la...

Kesimpulannya, semua pihak, tak kira la yg tua ke yg muda, yg kaya ke yg  miskin ke, malah satu dunia ni kena bersatu padu menentang tindakan yg tak berperikemanusiaan ni!

Ayuh, sahabat-sahabatku sekalian!
marilah sama-sama kita bangkit!