Monday, September 16, 2013

New Life, New Resolution!

After 7 years of being a full time student, now i just came to the new world as a career woman.'s an unexpected to happen at the beginning of my so called 'no-books' life. Ha2.

Knowledge is very important. Without knowledge, i unable to express my ideology. But, Albert Einstain said, "imagination is more important than knowledge". Another quote said that, experience is the best teacher!".

Whatever it is, the great aim of education is not knowledge but action. Knowledge without action is like a tree without fruit. Well said from Al-Ghazali, "ilmu tanpa amal, gila dan amal tanpa ilmu, sia-sia".

And now, i come to new life of reality where i have to apply all my knowledge. From the small world to the world of life. Not lost of the world...ha2. It's all about our knowledge; IQ, EQ, and SQ. How we control all of them in the real life.

Sudong Reception Counter

As a Customer Care Officer at Sudong Sdn. Bhd., patient is a big deal when handling customer especially handling Singaporean customer. We need to learn their culture in order to understand them. What they know is everything can be settled with just a 'click'. Can you imagine, Singaporean set-up their place (after being separated from Malaysia) without any resources but Malaysia got everything from our natural resources; oil, plants and so on. With all that, they able to be the first develop country in Asia pacific in ranking compared to Malaysia.

Sudong's Core Values: Delight, Trust, Positive mindset, Ownership

See....where we are now? We already have everything but could not achieve better than Singapore. They already fiber connection in telecommunication at every single of the place but Malaysia still using cable connection. They are very fast in everything. Malaysia always left behind in term of technology. I think, not only in technology but also in attitude such as road attitude. He2. I think, every Malaysian knows about it.

Customer focus, Teamwork, Challenger spirit, Personal excellence, Integrity, 

All these things is not based on my experience but based on my trainers during my training session. All of them are well-experienced with Singaporean customers. Everything is just a click to serve them!


Almost a month i have been in Sudong. Many things i need to learn and i am still in training schedule for few weeks more. Alhamdulillah, everything goes smooth so far. I'll share something here for next entry if i have time for writing plus wi-fi. They are so many beautiful scenery and designs inside Sudong's office. Serious talking, ma... See you on the next entry! ;)

Snapshot on 1st day reported to Sudong. Sempat lagi tu!!!

during training session


  1. assalamualaikum. maaf ye, saya nak tanya. kriteria ape yg diperlukan untuk sudong mengambil seseorang sebagai pekerjanya? saya akan menghadiri satu interview di sudong sdn.bhd. jadi saya ingin tahu serba sedikit berkaitan dengan pengambilan pekerjanya.. terima kasih.. :)

    1. maaf siti ni dh lama terkubur.bleh pm fb account sy, qalam mun utk mklumat kira saudari pn dh dpt kerja d sudong saat sy rply komen ni.

    2. maaf siti ni dh lama terkubur.bleh pm fb account sy, qalam mun utk mklumat kira saudari pn dh dpt kerja d sudong saat sy rply komen ni.