Monday, April 25, 2011

let's do the analysis!

one day, i desiredly decided to go back home.All are in sudden since that was the only chance to do it cz after that no more holiday for me.

well, everyone in iium kuantan campus has known that public transportation is very difficult even there are many colleges and universities around us in kuantan compared to iium gombak campus. thus, many students who has their own transport got their chance to do a business. "delivery service and rent car service"

Until now, this question is unanswerable and always raise this matter in my mind.

Instead of using a well-known "prebet sapu" in my campus (pak teh), i became more comfortable and feel more secure if my own friend voluntarily to send me to terminal or fetch up me at terminal especially when i arrived at terminal during late midnight.

from this case, i became more familiar with my friends' attitude. hurm.. some are more intolerable, some are very selfish and some are very, very jumud! but undeniable, some are very, very helpful and i'm very very, very appreciate it. :)

let's read what i want to highlight here....

after i bought a ticket which is hard to decide when should i came back to my campus, i'm just thinking of who should i called to fetch me up at terminal since according to ticket i had been bought, i would arrived at terminal at 1.00 am.

this is the second time happened to me.

 i was trying to message some of my friends but some were not response and some had musyaqkah.


there was one of my friend  replied with negative answer to me and i never found out this kind of answer before this.


my friend has a car for using during her studies in iium kuantan campus.

She and her roommates always went out for lunch, dinner and so on.

not always but sometime i realize that they went out together.

and also, does not a matter for  them went out to buy some important things.

even at night, i realize that they went out....celebrate their roommates' birthday...and so on.

just say what they want, they will get soon without problems.

i whispered in my heart, "org ade kereta bleh la nk slalu kuar jln2."


that's not kind of jealousy but what are the purpose of doing so? is that really important?

compared for those who does not has a car.

sometimes they have to force themselves not to buy something for instance me myself. i really, really like secret recipe but i have to force myself not to buy it until it really, really important. And until now i did not get yet my secret recipe... :( if i want to buy one thing that very important for me, i feel it does not make a sense to go out to buy only one thing!


i send a message to my friend (a same person in case 1), i asked for her help to fetch up me at terminal at 1.00 am. i send a message to her after my friends (other friends) didn't replied my message.

that time, she was the only person that came to my mind.

around after 5 minutes, then she replied, "sorry, k.hawa. my mom have said that she didn't allowed me to go out during mid night.i can't do that since my mom does not allowed me". heart was broken after read that sms.

then, i replied, "ok".

she replied to me, "then, how you want to go back? i'm also worried about you".

i didn't replied that sms cz i'm very very sad with that kind of answer she replied to me. i told to my mom immediately until my tears felt down...

sensitive....?? yes, of course.
because if i was her, i didn't reply that way. Not professional at all!
since i don't like that way, then, i wouldn't do the same thing to others.

plz imagine if at that time i'm alone at terminal bus around 1.00 am???
does it secured for a sister for being lonely at midnight at terminal bus???

so, to all readers plz don't do things that u don't like others do that to you!

i don't like people make burden to me. so,i don't like to make burden to other people.

plz la "matang" in decision making! dh masuk university pn mak yg kne buat sume keputusan utk anda! apa kes....!

i whispered in my heart again, "dasar anak mak...mmg mcm 2.klu mak suh buat bnda x baik pn kne ikut...".

i also asked my friend opinion about these cases.
and she answered like this, "mana lg penting? mak ke Allah?"

i like this kind of opinion! tq my friend :)

does it make a senses my friend?

i'm really unexpected that kind of person is still exist in this campus!

to end of the story, later another friend that i messaged before was replied and she able to fetch up me at terminal around that time...i'm really really appreciated what had she done!

what about you and what your opinion?
let's analyze it! :)


  1. as-salam..
    for me,kalau mak x bagi,i'll explain to her that sy ada kawan yg bahaya keadaan dia sebab sorang2 kat terminal pukul 1 pg.mak rasa bahaya x?pastu,ajak la kawan 2 org utk teman..
    tp betul la hawa.time ni la kita boleh tahu kawan susah dan senang :)

  2. huih..cptnya dh ade org comment.he2.
    yg sy heran kn...klu ade org cntc awk, x kn la awk x leh wt decision sndri instead of ur mom's decision???
    sy bleh terima klu org 2 bg alasan x leh drive wkt tgh mlm tp sy x leh terima bila die mention "mak sy".
    everything must refer to her mom!
    tq, fizah for ur opinion :)

  3. to Sakinah R:mmg mak is no. 1.if my mom said like that 2 me,i've still have a choice 2 do it or akn pk buruk baiknya dl.ibrt mcm awk kuar g jln mne2 smpi mlm2 pn mak awk x kesah even it is not benefit 2 u but kwn awk yg tgh dlm bhy awk sggup x condemn kwn sy dpn mak sy cz try control emosi time tu.mse tket byk dh abes.i've no choice that these case, btol la kwn sy ckp,mak is no 1 or Allah is no 1? wata'wanu a'lal birri wattaqwa wala ta'wanu a'lal isthmi wal u'dwan.

  4. actually, we can't say that "mak is no 1" in any cases.In any cases, Allah must be the 1st.that's y kte kne perbaharui niat sentiasa.sape pencipta mak kte? Allah adalah pencipta mak kte dan diri kte.Anything that we done everyday should be lillahi ta'ala.bukan kerana emak atau ayah atau kawan atau adik kte.sbg perigtn buat diri ini yg sering alpa jua... :)