Friday, February 17, 2012

new semester...

3rd yr, 1st sem:

yesterday was my first class for this semester. quite tough before making a decision to drop one subject and replace with another subject. i have 2 timetable which clash with vector analysis's class. oh my god.... it's never happened to me before. in addition, i have a different timetable with my other classmates. it's hard to change a timetable.

i got a new lecturer. her name is siti marponga tolos. it's sound weird but i enjoy her lecture. she came to class very early. my class should start at 8.30 am but before 8.30 she already in my class. i also shocked when entering my class there was no one student in that class. that's mean i was the first.haha.

next class at 10 am, i had a computational mathematics's class with killer lecturer and he was my previous lecturer for last semester. he make me having a heart attack when he wrote some questions on whiteboard and tell us by writing a word on whiteboard "QUIZ"


3rd yr, 2nd sem:

after attending a meeting to meeting for every day for 2 weeks,i just realized that we have been arrived in a 2nd week of new semester where i become a 3rd year, 2nd sem, it's so horrible and tired but i'm happy with my new resolution. insya allah....

this semester i'm taking "English For Academic Writing" subject. last two days ago, i had my 1st class of EAW. I'm being motivated in english writing by my lecturer. Alhamdulilah.... i got that kind of lecturer. motivated, proactive, humor, and the most important thing is she always give inspired advice for us in islamic way. i like it!

no senior always said a good things about her.

i'm still thinking what title am i going to write about.hu2.

i also do not have any class on friday for this semester. hmm... happy!
but i'm not so called home-sick student which always plan for going back whenever has an opportunity.

whatever it is, i have to do my best in everything whether in academic or in society or whatever position that i've been responded on. i have a big amanah and responsible to be carried on until my graduation day.

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