Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alhamdulillah....10 As!

I’m eager to update this entry. Of course there has been no new entry since last month. I’ve lost wi-fi connection, i’ve lost all my friends’ contact number in my handphone....i’ve lost everything when i need all these things urgently.

Innallaha ma’ana....

21st March, SPM’s result has been announced. I remembered this date when my younger sister informed me 2 weeks before.

 My heart was beating up as I was SPM candidate for 2005.

I even know that my younger sister has a good performance in terms of academic rather than me. Somehow, jealousy surrounded me but at the same time I proud to be her older sister.

Yes, i’m proud to be her older sister even we do not live together.

From Malay proverb, “air yang dicincang takkan putus”.

I send a message to her so that she sent a message to me back her result...

Subhanallah...i received a message from her: “dpt 10 A”.


I read that message while smiling when bought a lunch at cafe. Of course, i’m glad to hear that until my tears dropped.

10 A’s from 11 subjects. Got B for chemistry...

That was my second tears for her after I sent her for registration at my former school 5 years ago.

I have a cousin got 11 A’s from SHAMS school and another two cousins with not bad. Alhamdulillah.... congratulation, guys!

Last Saturday, I have a chance went to KLIA for sending my cousin studying in Japan. That was my first stepping foot into KLIA.

I hope my sister also has the same opportunity like my cousin studying overseas because I has a dream to study abroad since my secondary school. Insya Allah, maybe next time, after my sister. :)


  1. congrats adik hawa.....comelnye adik awk..=)

  2. hee..thnx..
    jgn puji dpn2.tkut tuan empunya diri baca.