Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Done with mid-term exam!

3 weeks after mid break, i’m just finishing my mid-term exam. Fuhh...soo hard to come to the end of mid-term examination even it is only mid-term!


Whatever it is, our efforts are not until here only. Learning is continuing and it is non-stop process, unlimited and infinite.

Now, it is time for tawakkal and dua’.

Have you done “sujud syukur” immediately right after your examination?

It is simple, a symbolic to say “thank you” to Allah as we are able doing and giving our best in examination.

Thanks to Allah, even we are not answering well in examination.
Thanks to Allah even we have done a silly mistake during examination.
Thanks to Allah, even it is impossible for us to pass in examination.

Allah only knows whether we pass or not.
Pass or failed are not the issues.
The important is effort-tawakkal-dua’.
By doing these, insha Allah, we’ll have a good result as a reward for our effort-tawakkal-dua’.

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