Thursday, April 26, 2012


To whom who was taking care of me for 23 years, 6 month.

To whom who sent me to school every morning for the past 7 years.

To whom who was sending me to Melaka central by motorcycle when I want to go back to my campus since him reluctant to have a driving license.

To whom who was asking me frequently “Is your pocket money enough?” when I’m going back home but I always say ‘enough...’.

To whom I get a permission to go everywhere.

To whom who always accompany me wherever I want to go even for shopping.

To whom who beating his children very seldom whatever his children have done but everyone was running away from him when he lost his tempered.

To whom who will be my ‘wali’ when i’m getting married.

He avoids me from riding a motorcycle when I asked him to ride his motorcycle since I’m the oldest daughter.

He is very humble person until he used a bicycle to go everywhere during my childhood.

He is the one who doesn’t have a hand phone.

He is very generous to his guest when visiting our house.

He is my beloved father who was born on 25th April 1957.

The picture that I only have in my ‘secret’ disk.

Today (yesterday) is his 55th birthday.

“Selamat hari lahir, ayah...”. The 4 words that so hard for me to speak out.

May Allah give him a good health to continue his life with a blessing from HIM. 

Not forget also to my younger sister, who was born on 25th April 1994.

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