Monday, June 11, 2012

3 months: Does it meaningful enough?

I'm just arrived in melaka yesterday for semester break for 3 months and also for my industrial training.

When mention 3 months holiday, everyone will say,

" long.."

and others will say, "bestnya cuti lama..."

"plan nk buat apa?"

"jom, lepak!" and I whispered, "pantang betul sebut cuti...".

then, all my uncles and aunties will invite me to their houses.

"jom tido rumah Pak Itam..."

"jom dtg rumah Mak Ngah..."

since I'm also a business-minded person,

"hawa, nak join ni tak?"

"hawa, nak ikut tak g seminar ni?", bla...bla...bla..

Nevertheless, non-stop wedding invitation from my friends when holiday is coming.

hurm...for me, it's sound like 'best' but in reality, there are soooo many things to be settled down.

Actually, 3 months it doesn't mean 'holiday' from books and all sorts of assignments and homeworks.

Undeniable, all these kind of activities are beneficial even 'lepak'.

The important is, how we consume and manage our time wisely with beneficial things?

Yesterday, I'm just logged in to my FB account.

There was a post, 3 months holiday is enough to finish watching all the movies in the hard disk. terrible that person???

In addition, the EURO 2012 make me hatred when watching a TV.

since I'm an anti-football, all my younger brothers scuttle for TV remote control. No chance for me to change the channel.

Ahhhh...spoil my mood!

However, Alhamdulillah...I'm gonna go into industrial training starting next week for 10 weeks in the hope of gaining some experiences and exposure to the world of working. Insha Allah, I'll use my time wisely for this coming holiday.

let's be holiday meaningful to us!

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