Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wearing hijab:compulsory @ encouraged?

I just received a letter from my mom regarding industrial training this morning.

A letter from Jabatan Ketua Menteri Melaka.

This letter already received before my semester break but I unable to read the real one since this letter was sent to my home. 

So, all the information and everything was done by my mom since her office has linked to Jabatan Ketua Menteri Melaka. 

Sometimes, unsatisfactory surrounded me since I can't do anything by my own and can't read the actual letter.

Now, I can read every single thing.

That letter was in Malay and there was an attachment regarding a dress code. The guideline for female students' dress code are as stated below:

1. Baju kurung/kebaya
2. Kasut bertumit dan bertutup
3. pelajar perempuan Islam digalakkan memakai tudung
4. pelajar perempuan yang tidak bertudung, rambut hendaklah disisir rapi, diikat kemas atau disanggul.

Nota: Seluar tidak dibenarkan sama sekali untuk pelajar perempuan.

The 3rd guideline seems make me confused... wearing a hijab is encouraged rather than compulsory!

In Islam, there is no encourage to cover aurah but it is a MUST!

Aurah for muslimah is from the top until the bottom except face and hand only. Based on the holy quran in surah annur verse 31:
Hendaklah mereka menutupkan kain tudung ke dada mereka.

It means, there is no excuse for not wearing a hijab since it is a rule and direction from Allah.

As a muslim, we have to practice Islam wherever and whenever we are even in a workplace because Islam is a syumul religion.

I remembered when reading one of the issue of Solusi magazine. Student(Muslim) who has excellent result should give a priority to further study in Islamic studies because these kind of person will do the best decision in the workplace wisely based on Islamic perspective compared to Muslim who do not have depth understanding in Islam.

This person will play the important role in the workplace and every organisation should hired this person to their companies to fulfill the Islamic environment.

When there is a power to implement Islamic rule, Insha Allah will get a blessing from Allah. 

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