Thursday, July 12, 2012

"tourism" versus "illegitimate child"

you will see that this topic doesn't has a relationship at all. 
it's really important to me for the sake of my mini project.
my lecturer will visit me here on 20th july.

my supervisor just gave me a data yesterday (11th july) regarding the number of illegitimate child in melaka.
he gave me the number of illegitimate child birth in year 2002-2012.
but i've already designed my mini project about tourism.

it's a challenge for me because i need to follow what my supervisor want.
and me myself have to follow what my lecturer want too.

rse mcm btol2 nk jd journalist. it's my dream...

the topic that my supervisor given to me was quite challenge and interesting!
he want a story behind this data.
means.. he want to know how it can happened.
the cause and effect....
the background of the parents,bla...bla..bla...

i've already explained  to him that i need to apply what i've learnt from statistic.
i've also do a discussion with kak farah who is one of the staff here.
she also recommended to me to do a tourism since upen has many data about tourism...

I can't say "no" to him because I need to be professional and take as a challenge by doing that task.
professional is one of my principle when doing my work.

klu ikutkan nk buat yg senang je sbb dh kesuntukan masa dh ni...

so...what's gonna to do?
if i could, i want to do both!
buat sampai jadi!

 went to book store to buy something after my office hour yesterday.
incidentally, i found a book entitled "buat sampai jadi!" by Dr. HM Tuah.
Hopefully, this book may help me to motivate me to complete my mini project.

i'm still searching the info regarding the illegitimate child.
mcm nk wt tesis dh...
rabbi yassir, Ya Rabb~


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