Friday, July 6, 2012


Today is my 3rd week of industrial training (IT).

On the 1st day, I was reported to Pejabat Pengurusan Sumber Manusia (PSM).

Nothing to do in this office, just waiting for my placement for industrial training.

Fuhh…so tired even it was just waiting purposes!

I was arrived at this office since 8am and I thought I can know my placement on the spot but I was wrong.

All my classmates already reported to their own places and officially started their industrial training.

My mom already informed me before I started my IT.
cuak,nervous,takut,...sume ade! all in one!

My mom said she was called this office to confirm my placement and she said that I  might be placed at Unit Perancang Ekonomi (UPEN) Melaka.

And I'm still doesn't believe it 100%  because I was confused the statement from IIUM management and my mom's statement as Melaka government staff.

whatever la...just follow what the letter said.

finally, I got the placement at UPEN.

so many views from my mom's friend about UPEN.haha.
but they unable to influence me.

what they said?

# UPEN???kat sana slalunye busy tau...kau kne bertahan sikit la..
# sesuai ke praktikal kat sana?takut kau x larat je...
# hmm...buat yang terbaik!
# upen,mencabar sikit kerja die..

Even my mom also was influenced by them.naik risau die.haha.aduhai...sapa yg nk praktikal ni?
"never mind..that's only their opinion.yg nk praktikalnya aku", I'm whispered.

I don't want to loose from these challenges!
because I know this is my time to grab this opportunity for the sake of my future....
actually, I like challenges...

the next morning, I reported to UPEN at Seri Negeri.
Actually, it was the same place with PSM but it located at the different block.

My mom accompanied me until I was called to meet the staff.
I was nervous when start entering the office but while waiting the staff that I had to meet, it become normal.

the staff brought me to see head of department and HOD assigned me which unit I will undergo after asking me some questions (mcm nk interview krj.hu2).

she assigned me at sectoral division for the 1st month and the rest will be in analysis division.

a week i was there, so many things I learnt.
from the way to answer a phone call until the way to manage a meeting.

All staffs here were very friendly and cheerful.
the environment made me enjoyable in the world of working.

but the sadness was come to me when I was no longer in this division.
I was asked to transfer to analysis division earlier from the expected time because some practical students will do their practical at this division.

so, i got a new supervisor and this division located at the same building with PSM.
this office is occupied by not more than 10 staffs. it's very few staffs.
different environment with the first division.
silent always accompanied me.

but this division is suitable for me to do a statistics work.
fate doesn't meant to me because our statistician here has maternity leave.
I could meet her for the 2nd day I reported to this division only.

so far, I still undergo my industrial training as normal.
not so challenges what people has said.
and for the 2nd week in this division, I always do my own work only.
no heavy work as the sectoral division.

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