Saturday, April 20, 2013

Malaysia’s 13th General Election-Nomination Day!

20th April 2013 has been the most exhilarating and exciting day for all political thinker especially those who have been nominated as nominee in general election. Nomination day is the most anxiety day which is 14 days road to polling day. It indicates that campaign period begins officially. 

A big crowd had been gathered at each nomination center with their all sorts of campaign materials and the enthusiastic cheer from all supporters that represent their own parties. The supporters marched together to the nomination center to accompany the candidates.

Here, we can see the real attitude of supporters who represented their parties. It’s all about emotion and patient. How we control our emotion when encounter with our contestant? Are you strong enough? Do we care the ‘adab’?

This is one example of emotion that happened in my fb's wall. No facts. Auta semata2. 

People who are cyber-based oriented know better what is really happened. It’s easy to distinguish between who will be on the right track. Government still has its power to conquer upon the media. So, undoubtedly they can do anything in many ways to deceive the residents itself but they cannot deceive the resident’s minds who are able to judge and analyze wisely.

After 55 years BN’s regime, we need changes this time! Corruption becomes crucial. No matter what, we will struggle for the battle of Malaysia! May Allah ease us for the prosperity of Islam!

I choose to vote for Islam!


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