Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alhamdulillah...Praise to Allah

today, i've finished up all my presentations for this shrt sem.
alhamdulillah...praise to Allah.
i'm able to complete all my tasks for presentations satisfactory.

you have another two assignments which are not submitted yet, hawa...
i'm in progress struggling to complete all my assignments.

mission does not stop here!
you have long journey to go!
keep up your efforts, hawa!

i have a long journey to go, my friends...
so, i want to make a promise to myself.
i must be always in the library or in the mosque from now and onwards.
it is better for me.
otherwise, i'll be in my room all the time.
oh no... i can't!
it will make myself like in a prison!

i go to the library right after my IB's class.
it seems like many students since our final exam is around the corner.
i'll try to find a comfortable position to do my assignment since i bring along my laptop.
i've to find out the table near to the socket.

while doing my assignment, i see outside the window.
it is rainy.
Allah give us "rizk" today that is rain.

sometimes, i heard my friends said,
"ala...hujan la"

and another friend said,
"ala...susah la cm ni..."

they seem like angry to Allah because of the rain fall.
do you know who make this rain and who fall this rain?
the answer is Allah!
asraghfirullah al-azim...

suddenly,my laptop display this nasyid:

terima kasih wahai tuhanku
yg sentiasa melimpahkan rahmatnya
membenarkan aku
menghadapmu tuhan
yg maha pengasih dan maha penyayang.
utk bercakap dgn mu tuhan
mengizinkan kuminta padamu
memuja memuji
sepenuh hatiku
memohon munajat
padamu ya rabbi

masya allah...
this song make my heart touching, tetchy, emotive and tender.

human always unsatisfactory and feel not enough what do they have had.
but they didn't realize that all things they had got are from Allah.
everything under the sun are Allah's properties!

The rich man who have a lots of money are trying to get more money continously.
no matter the way they got it, they must get it!
whether it is 'halal' or not.
rich, who doesn't want to be rich???
money come first before everything.
they fight for money and money is their aim. about the poor man???
there are many people around us who are unlucky.
did you care them my friends?

In UIA itself, you can see...
did you saw people who do very hard work and how do they work?
from the sun rise until the dusk, they work hard to get 'halal' money.

"O ye people! Eat of what is on earth, Lawful and good; and do not folow the footsteps of the evil one, for he is to you an avowed enemy."
(al-baqarah: 168)


yesterday, i went to the cafe for my dinner with my sarawakian friend.
We have our dinner at HS cafe.
I saw a cleaner walked towards the table nearby us.
she collected all the unclean plates and cups on that table.

i feel so pity to her...
you know why?
because she is an old woman aged around 50 and above!
masha allah...
She still can work even her face look like exhausted, drained and weary!

Allah give her oomph, an energy and liveliness to do her job even i saw she was not fully well.
i'm talking to myself,
"grandma, by this time you should stay at home. Your age couldn't survive for a long time. You have to have your rest time at this stage at home."

Didn't you realize my friends??
even our soul and body is Allah's right???

why people over there do not feel grateful to Allah in every second?
didn't they know?

We always in comfortable,wealthy and properous position.
we didn't feel enough with the BMW that we have.
we didn't feel enough with the MERCEDES BENZ that we have.
we didn't feel enough with the fancy dress that we have.
we didn't feel enough with stylish and classy handphone that we have.

Ya Allah...
we, your servant always feel ungrateful to you...
forgive us Ya Allah Ya rahman, ya rahim..


  1. betul tu. kadang kita tak perasan yang kite mngeluh, sedangkan udara yang kita hirup pun Allah yang bagi. Bila bila je Dia boleh amek ape milikNya.

    Nice entry. Moga kite2 ni tergolong dalam hamba yang bersyukur.

  2. mudah-mudahan...
    mmg kdg2 kte x perasan.
    that's y we have 2 remember Allah all the time without miss it for 1 second.