Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Malaysian always do not read!

That day, I decided to go to library and stayed in the library from morning until the library closed since my mid term exam will be on monday for HRM subject.

Library is my favourite place where Sarah and I hanging around. We discovered the whole book in the library (really?? No, no, no… you are a liar at all). We always had a light reading at leisure area during our free time. The first thing that we hurried to is…… newspaper! As long as we were reading, no one can disturb us unless the alluring sound of azan from the mosque!

Now i'm in a gombak campus library not kuantan campus library,k...

Do you know how this library looks like?

It is the fantastic library that i ever gone after the national library. This huge library consist of four levels with the main entrance is at level two. The sliding door will open for you automatically when your feet start stepping. Those who want to enter this library must swap their matric card first. Then, there is a lift at your right hand and you will see at the middle, various kind of holy quran translation from all over the world exhibit there.

masha allah.... it is very sophisticated and classy!

i'm proud to be an IIUM student with the fantastic and extraordinary library.

I'm decided to stay at level 2.

The clock on the wall showed that now is already 9.00am. so... without further delay, i started my work. i detemined that, i've to finish my work for 1 chapter until 12pm before having my lunch.

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, i've done it!

3 hours in the library will frozen up my body. My hands and my legs started shivering and shaking because air-conditioned is too cool.

3 hours in the library also can do many things because you can bring anything you want like your knapsack, your beverage and anything else inside the library. No need to put in the lugage rack and no one can give you summon.

Seriously talking....
Unlike in Kuantan campus, no one can do like that bcz it is a must for us to put our belongings inside the lugage rack. So...everytime i go inside the library, you can see me, carrying my lappy, books and files, while my hands full with valueable things until i have to do second trip of carrying my belongings. huh!

What I had been observed was, it was too hard to find Malaysian in the library.

I'm started talking to myself.

Why foreigner always be in the library rather than malaysian??? Why it is happened???why and why??

How about you my dearest friends??? From your logical thinking, what's your opinion?

Even we are an INTERNATIONAL Islamic UniversityMalaysia, but Malaysian student is still be the gigantic ethnic in this IIUM. Does it make a sense?

What i can say here is Malaysian explicitly Muslim who is Malay are sluggish in reading. Obsolutely!

Do you want to know???

Based on the article that I has been read before, statistically was proven that Malaysians are only read 2 books per year!

I repeat again, 2 books per year only!! Not per day or per week, my friends…

The highest country was dominated by Japan which is 40 books per year. Then, it followed by Europe which is 10 books per year and Arab which is 20 sheets per year respectively.

It also was being proven by me myself too with my own steadfast eyes in that library where the foreigner is obvious being seen even the greater population in this university is Malaysians.

Masha Allah…

And another incident happened when I was on my way to Melaka. I decided to use LRT from putra terminal station to central market station. Putra terminal station is the first station therefore I had a chance to sit since LRT is not be crowded with passengers.

There was a young lady seems like a student with a bag on her tights sat on a seat in front of me. Her ears are being closed by earphone look like as to keep away from disruptiveness. She did not realize that she was being seen from the bottom until the top of hers.

I really, really, humiliated when I saw her hands was handling a book. I kept trying to see what book she had been read and my mind reflected that she was an accounting student because based on a title of that book written.

Oh my god… I disregarded to bring along my reading material on my way.

This incident had given a good impact to me in order to have changes in our tradition from unread people to be a read people.


From that incident, we as a muslim did not practiced what islam had told to us. Did you remember, the first verse that was revealed to us is “iqra’”? Allah has mentioned this word two times in this chapter (Al-‘Alaq). It was truly verified that islam had been introduced with reading and the way how prophet got this verse itself was by reading also!

A person that I was just talked about was not a muslim but she was a Chinese.

Yes, she was a Chinese, my friend…

Masha allah…

How about you?

How many books that you have been read along this year?

Numerous? Countless? Immeasurable? Or does it take an opposite side? A little? Or does it can be counted by your rigid fingers? Or are you not read at all along this year???


So…from now and onward try to make a promise to your own self to keep reading everywhere, every time and any situation. Please make your reading material always be with you all the time and make it available in your stock!

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