Friday, June 18, 2010

I'll be missed this place so much!

In a very hushed Thursday night (it’s already Friday morning), my eyes couldn’t close. The clock on my table indicates that now is almost 3.30 a.m.(minus 15 minutes.).

I don’t know why it could be like this. It’s already too late but I couldn’t feel asleep.

All are being done; packing, washing, reading and bla..bla..

Ha…! My bulb is lighting!

My blog has not being updated yet since I’ve to focus on my examination preparation.

I open up my laptop immediately and make it connecting to the internet.


Don’t know how to say of my feeling right now...

I’m becoming all in the feelings. Gloomy, joyful, happy, sadness, lonely…bla…bla…bla…

All my roommates already back to their hometown. It only one person left in this room that is me… It’s so quiet since the rooms of the entire my level are empty.

Can you imagine, stays alone in my room with the entire rooms of level 1 are empty during Friday night and walking to the toilet in darkness because the lamp’s corridor outside of my room is blackout???

So scary… he2…
never mind, it’s doesn’t make me terrifying, frightening and worrisome because it is frequently happened to me. Allah is the only one who can protect and preserve myself.

Today is my last day to be here since my short sem has came to the end in this Gombak campus. Insha Allah, I’ll go back to my hometown this afternoon for one day stopover only. Then, I’ve to go back to kuantan campus on Sunday for my V.O.K. (Village Of Knowledge) event. Kuantan campus is my real life and my origin place that I’ve to carry on for 3 years remained.

Time is running too fast. It seems just like yesterday I came to this campus that I’m really to be.

I know, one day, I’ll be really, really missed this place when return back to Kuantan campus. This gombak’s garden of knowledge and virtue is really robust my passion.

I also being missed that beautiful azan from Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque and the massive library that every day I go to which are the best port for us, sarah carrot and me hanging around.

And I’ll also really, really missed all my best friends who are stayed here and make my life in here full of meaning, cheerful and wonderful.

Andak; who is always be my tourist guider whenever I’m losing my way in a sudden in this campus area. Sorry for being disturbed you all the time. It maybe the wrong time I made a call only to ask you the simple instruction to go wherever.

Sarah Carrot (sorry for mentioning your name like this.he2~); thanks for everything especially for your unpredictable help on that day. I’m really, really appreciate it and that will be in my mind! You always be with me all the time (café-mosque-library).

Kak Nad; My oldest sister in gen-7 (I think so) who is the nearest to me. Always go together with me in many events that we participated here. She is very committed sister and always inspired me to go any event!

Che Ma and Ayuni; my ex-roommates in CFS, thank for our lunch that day. See you all next time. Don’t hesitate to visit us (nadia and me) in kuantan. Hehe~

Aishah talib; who is my junior, thanks for guiding me when I’m on my way to Melaka. Thanks a lot! if not you, i don't know who else can guide me to melaka.

Sufi; hope you can undergo into a new life as husband and wife in happiness. (Even I know you might not read this entry)

Others; ateh, adila, sal, k.mas and whose name do not mention above. Sorry, it’s too many my closed friends that i've been met during short sem. Whoever and wherever you are, I’m always be your friends until hereafter, my friends…

Let's together strengthen our ukhuwwah!

May Allah bless all of you, guys. Ameen..

our memories...

during presentation

at this time, technical problem was happened and our presentation was spoiled

air pancut yg men"spoil"kn scenery

ramizah and me

three of us: syakila(standing behind), me and ramizah

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