Friday, July 2, 2010

Village Of Knowledge

My V.O.K. is already closed and we are already have our closing ceremony this morning.

it seems like this blog not being updated for a long week.
penat masih terasa lagi dan sakit kepala yg teramat menyerang...
2 days in a row my sleeping time was so bad-only 3 hours per day (its equiavalent not sleep for a whole day)
but, not for watching world cup (its non of my passion).....

it is because i've to publish a video for closing ceremony for V.O.K.
Its was my first experience in publishing a video for a big event unlike before this, i only published a video for my academic presentation. never beyond that particular.

but, whatever you do, plz do it from the bttom of your heart and sincerely lillahi ta'ala.
insha allah, Allah will give you a good reward in hereafter and He will give you an easiness while doing your job.
since i've been appointed as a committe of special task for closing ceremony, i've to do my work as perfect as i can.

i enjoyed doing my task and i've done it satisfactory with my friends help.
Thanks for all who have done their contribution in V.O.K. especially for my video even it is too short.

Aqilah, Syimah, Mastura and for all my beloved roomates (Hawa Ismail, Farhan and Syakila)...
thanks for your help and support!
I'm really, really, really appreaciate it!

during this event i can' tmake a full commitment for the second week cz i'm also doing a part-time job in mahallah office.
I only came for the morning session and at evening i've to do my part time job.
It's quite tired since i've to check the whole block in mahallah maimunah for every levels (and sometimes for every rooms) for every day!
Sorry for that, Amal (Asst. PM)...
Congartulation!You've done a good job!

See you all for the next new semester and new year!
(huhu...cuti sy hnya seminggu je)

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