Saturday, July 17, 2010

Price Hike: Anyone knows why it happen???

It has been a long week i didn't update my blog. hurm... busy with my timetable and my mind is jam-packed with heavy things to think about since add and drop session for new semester and new year (2nd year,1st sem) just started for 1 week.

moreover,we have got 2 tutorials already which have a lots of problems to be solved for each tutorial plus with our assignment for my advanced calculus subject.

That is advanced calculus...our lecturer is very "committed" to give us assignments and tutorials. wait for another tutorial next week yeah my friends..! (hehe)

How about math method???intro to statistic???
how about minor subject?? econ and accounting???
ungs 2050???
my i'adah plan which by hook or by crook i've to finished up all 5 juzuk for this sem???
fuh... a lots of things to be settled down ASAP!!

Ya Allah... plz give me an easiness to complete all these tasks and commitments.ameen...

yesterday night, i had a convesation with my sarawakian friend in YM. The new issue was arised.

what is that issue???

The price of fuel (petrol and diesel), natural gas and sugar are increasing tremendously since these four things are using in our daily life and it happen in the same interval time for all these things! It was started from yesterday(Friday-16Jul) at 12.00am.

The subsidy cuts in fuel, sugar and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by the government, are a signal that economic reform is pushing ahead, says OSK Research.

Here are the new price for:

Petrol RON 95 - RM1.85 per liter.
Diesel - RM1.75 per liter.
Sugar - RM1.70 @ RM1.90 per kg (not sure)
Gas LPG - RM1.85 per kg
gas 14KG - fromRM24.50 to RM25.90 (increase RM1.40)
gas 12KG - from RM21.00 to  RM22.20 (increase RM1.20)
gas 10KG - from RM17.50 to  RM18.50 (increase RM1.00)

According to Malaysia Kini article, if the subsidy does not cut, Malaysia will confront with economic recession in year 2019.

A lots of question across into my mind and my head full of question markssss.... How does it happened???

I'm very curious to know more about it since my fren ask my opinion about it. I have no comment to answer it cz i'm still searching for the answer.

I do not have enough knowledge about economic. This issue make me opened up my eyes since i'm going to take economic subject for this sem. Thanks to my fren for giving me an assignment to be searched for :)

what i had known b4 this, our PM denied strongly that the price did not increase. Is our government lied to us??? I'm very sure that something bad was happened but they hide from us but i'm still searching for the truth!

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