Saturday, July 3, 2010

Berita utk bakal mathematician

This morning, i've just gone to the indera mahkota library since i'm off for part-time job today but will continue tomorrow (Sunday).

It's quite bored if i'm continuing stay in my cosy room and it will become worse since my block too noiseless from the resident's tone of voice.

Why not if i've my exercises, walking to the very far library rather than keep staying in my room, right?

I go to the 2nd floor of the library and take my time for having newspaper reading. It's about a week i'm not read newspaper.

my mind like to be uncultivated even the online newspaper version already provided for us. ntah, nk kata xdpt wireless, hr2 dok dpn lptop kt blik online je memanjang...smpi x smpat nk bkk paper. nk kata facebooking, sy xde fb la...

means that... a sluggish virus was infected to myself...

sy terbaca satu berita dlm utusan malaysia yg sgt membanggakn for those who taking mathematics studies!

Seorang ahli matematik Rusia yang suka menyendiri, Dr. Grigory Perelman menolak hadiah bernilai AS$1 juta (RM3.2 juta) oleh Institut Matematik Clay di Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Keputusan Dr. Perelman, 43, itu diumumkan oleh institut berkenaan, yang telah menganugerahkan beliau Hadiah Millennium.

Anugerah itu adalah sebagai penghormatan atas keupayaannya menyelesaikan masalah Poincare, yang menguruskan persoalan bentuk yang wujud dalam empat atau lebih dimensi.

Presiden institut, Jim Carlson berkata, keputusan Dr. Perelman bukan sesuatu yang memeranjatkan kerana beliau pernah menolak hadiah-hadiah bidang matematik sebelum ini.

Menurutnya, Dr. Perelman memberitahu mengenai keputusannya menerusi telefon minggu lalu tetapi tidak menyatakan alasan.

Sementara itu, agensi berita Interfax memetik Dr. Perelman sebagai berkata, beliau percaya hadiah itu tidak adil.

Kata Dr. Perelman kpd Interfax, sumbangannya dlm menyelesaikan permalahan Poincare itu tidak lebih dr sumbangan ahli matematik Columbia University, Richard Hamilton.

"Utk memendekkan cerita, alasan utama ialah sy tidak bersetuju dgn komuniti matematik. Sy tidak suka keputusan mereka. Sy rasa mereka tidak adil," katanya.

Cubaan utk menghubungi Dr. Perelman di St. Petersburg di Rusia, gagal.

Carlson berkata, pegawai-pegawai institut akan membincangkan apa yg hendak dilakukan dgn hadiah wang tersebut.

"Kami mahu mempertimbangkan secara teliti dan menggunakannya ke jln yg terbaik utk manfaat bidang matematik," katanya. 

the Poincaré conjunction was one of the seven Millennium Prize problems issued by the institute 10 years ago. The problem, in simple terms, is to prove whether a three-dimensional shape that satisfies the “simple connectivity test”— i.e. that all loops drawn on that surface can be stretched and moved on the surface until they return to their original position—is equivalent in shape to a three-sphere. It was first raised by French mathematician Henri Poincaré in 1904.

Throughout the century, many brilliant mathematicians have attempted to solve the extremely complex problem, but only few came close to the answer. The math community was surprised when Perelman posted his solution online at in 2003. It took several years before other mathematicians proved his theory correct.

wow!!! 10 years!!! it's too long my frens... just only to prove the poincare conjuction even i know that is very complex....and it's very very very valuable and precious contribution! humble does himself since he was rejected completely and entirely that award due to the unjust decisions made by the math community.

Perelman believed that Richard Hamilton, an American mathematician that made great contributions to the establishment of the Ricci flow equation, deserved the same prize and honor as himself. The Ricci flow equation formed the “core of Perelman's method of proof,” says CMI. CMI’s disregard of Hamilton prompted Perelman’s decision to give up the award.?

so...what about us especially for CTS student in IIUM Kuantan??? does it make a sense, my frens??? how many the simplest theory that have been proven by your own in order to be a mathematician??? 


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